As the hispanic population in the U.S. continues to grow, so does the demand for Spanish translators and interpreters. Unfortunately,  good ones are hard to find.

In order to meet a client’s expectations, a translator must follow a multi-step process: read, assess, translate, cross-reference, and review; before the product is delivered.

Similarly, a good interpreter begins working on an assignment days in advance, by doing research on its nature and subject matter.

Rates depend on the assignment. Some clients require college transcripts translated for their personal records. Other clients are in removal proceedings and need statements translated, certified, and notarized to file before an immigration Judge. 

The same applies to interpreting assignments. Some clients are tourists in Hawaii and need an escort interpreter, while others are detainees who require a Spanish interpreter for an arraignment proceeding in court.

In addition to the nature of the project, rates also depend on several factors:






On-site or conference call?

Email or mail?


How many minutes, hours, days?

Is it 1 page or 16?


How far in advance is the request made?

Standard or rush?


Is there specific terminology that requires studying for?

Standard or technical?


An informal meeting or a proceeding with legal ramifications?

For personal or official use?

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