Spanish interpreting services can be rendered any day of the week with a 24 hour notice, anywhere in Hawaii.

For each project, you will be assigned a professionally trained interpreter who will assess the subject matter of the meeting, level of language technicality, and terminology in advance.  This assessment is a way to better understand your needs and to ensure your Spanish interpreter arrives well prepared and equipped with the appropriate tools, i.e. legal/medical dictionaries, audio equipment, etc.

On the day of the assignment, the Spanish interpreter will translate any document presented and interpret in real time, consecutively and/or simultaneously, as needed.

Hawaii Translations can provide you with a highly qualified and experienced Spanish interpreter for one-day assignments or long term projects, such as:

  • Court proceedings, attorney-client debriefings, depositions, mediations, pre-trial conferences, etc.

  • Social worker-client interviews, meetings, and home visits.

  • Insurance claims and workers comp meetings.

  • Doctor-Patient consultations, physical and psychotherapy treatment sessions.

  • Business meetings and negotiations.

  • Conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, and conventions.

  • Visitor liaison/guided tours.

Certification and/or notarization is offered for legal purposes upon request. Please read about Rates or click for a Quote.


Spanish Translation

Translating is a multi-faceted and complex process. In order to meet the highest quality standard set forth, all submitted documents are translated, reviewed, and proofread; adhering to the following key criteria:

Readability: many words in Spanish and English have a common ancestry -Latin. Therefore, many translators often make the mistake of translating literally. In order for the text to make sense and flow smoothly, a translator must convey units of meaning, instead of focusing one word or sentence at the time. At Hawaii Translations, the goal is for the translated text to read as an original.

Cultural and linguistic appropriateness: we know that accents and idiomatic expressions vary dramatically between different regions within the same country. Even when visiting other English speaking countries like Scotland or New Zealand, we sometimes have difficulty understanding what is said. The same degree of variability applies to Spanish spoken in Europe, the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America.

By researching and maintaining reliable demographic data, Hawaii Translations takes careful steps to identify and conserve colloquialisms and idiomatic expressions. By doing so, the meaning is not lost in the Spanish to English translation.

Level of technicality and register:  With every translation, it is important to identify the level of sophistication in the language. A translator should never embellish or omit something that is worded incorrectly or contains inappropriate language. Accuracy is only achieved by respecting a text’s register. At Hawaii Translations, terms are carefully selected to match their exact equivalent in English, regardless of the speaker’s background or level of education.

Following these requirements, not only calls for a mastery of highly technical vocabulary and street talk or slang in both English and Spanish. It also involves research and the use of tools, such as industry-specific dictionaries and forums, consulting with experts in the particular field; and in some cases, the hiring of a second translator to edit/proofread.

Spanish-English language support is available for official, legal, and medical document types; included but not limited to:

  • Birth and death certificates

  • Marriage licenses, divorce papers, certificates of non-marital status

  • Adoption documents

  • Criminal records/rap sheets

  • Powers of attorney

  • Articles of association, amendment certificates, and merger dissolution agreements.

  • Wills, successions, real estate sale and transfer titles, deeds, notes, distributorship agreements, etc.

  • Immigration forms, applications, worksheets, and questionnaires.

  • Affidavits, declarations, statements, and memorandums.

  • Bills of health and medical records.

  • School records, transcripts, diplomas, and on-line college certificates.

All translated documents may include an official Certificate of Translation to be filed with local, federal, and/or foreign governments.

Interested? Request a free quote or call 808-343-6938 for an estimate.


Telephonic Interpreting

Multi-national business meetings often require interpreters to appear by teleconference.  Similarly, insurance claim adjustors interview Spanish-speaking clients for recorded statements and frequently use interpreters for these conference calls. At Hawaii Translations, the quality and accuracy of the interpretation is no less critical than the booking flexibility and cost of the assignment.

For insurance claim declarations and wiretap recordings, “minutes” or call “transcriptions” are also available. Hawaii Translations offers transcriptions in the format prescribed by the Judicial Conference, at an additional cost. 

Please click Rates to read more about different services and their costs, or request a  quote.